There often appears to be confusion about residential rehab centres. This document has been produced with help of existing SASS Alcohol Rehab residents to answer some of the questions you might have:

Q) Do I have to share a room with other residents?

A) No all SASS Alcohol Rehab residents have there own room, each room has a safe box to store medications and personal belongings

Q) How many other residents are staying?

A) In total there are 10 bedrooms in the 2 properties that make up SASS Alcohol Rehab

Q) Do I have a named worker?

A) Yes SASS Alcohol Rehab employs experienced and qualified counsellors and you will be allocated a named Counsellor for your one to one sessions.

Q) Am I allowed to keep and use my mobile phone?

A) Yes and there are computers provided at both properties with free Wi-Fi in all rooms. However, you will be asked to follow the house guidance around phone/computer use and we may implement some ground rules or revoke use if the Therapeutic Team feel it is negatively effecting your recovery.

Q) Can I access complimentary therapies?’

A) Yes an experienced hypnotherapist is available and mindfulness based relapse prevention courses are delivered

Q) Am I allowed visitors?

A) Yes this will be agreed with your worker beforehand.

Q) What happens if I drink Alcohol?

A) All residents are breathalysed at least once a day, we operate a zero tolerance approach and breaching that will result in your immediate eviction.

Q) If I am receiving DWP benefits will I have to contribute to my stay at rehab?

A) Yes each resident contributes to there stay with us, the amounts vary and are decided by local authorities using Government guidelines.

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