Information for Family, Friends and Loved Ones

Family and friends can play an important part in helping a loved one succeed in their recovery. This section has been designed to give you more information about what your loved on will be experiencing at rehab and how you can help them successfully complete their programme.

It is important to realise that whilst we hope to make a resident’s stay with us as comfortable as possible, the therapeutic programme needs to be challenging in order to support the individual to overcome their addiction; often our work involves taking residents out of their comfort zone.

Visiting the Rehab

If you wish to visit your loved one at SASS Rehab then please speak to their named key worker who will arrange an initial meeting with you. SASS Rehab is an abstinence-based programme and all visitors may be asked to take a breathalyser if requested by a member of staff.


SASS Rehab has specialist staff teams to support residents before, during and after rehab.

  • The Therapeutic team - this is the core team of experienced and qualified staff who deliver the majority of therapeutic interventions aimed at helping residents to build their own resilience and empower them. 'Each resident will be assigned their own worker from the therapeutic team who will provide one-to-one support and support the resident to develop personal goals.
  • The Care Team - made up of peer support workers who provide the wrap-around support that enhances the core programme. They will support the residents to access recovery groups, help them build community and social resources, and support them during the transition from rehab back home.
  • The Finance and Resources team - they provide all the administrative support including processing fee payments, upkeep of the facilities and supplies.

Main Rehab Rules

  • Each resident will be breathalysed at least twice a day in the morning and evening. If they blow positive on the breathalyser they will be asked to leave the rehab programme immediately.
  • Residents are not allowed to visit licensed premises whilst they are staying with us, any breach of this rule could result in them being asked to leave the programme.
  • Residents must be back on the rehab premise for 9pm curfew.

What we will never say to a resident

We have found that sometimes residents will tell their family that the worker at SASS Rehab has said certain things about them. Here are a few examples of things we will never say to a resident:

“You have worked so hard at your recovery that we think leaving earlier than planned will be positive for you and your Recovery”

Every single day is vital in a relatively short programme

“You are not an alcoholic really; we have worked with others who are much worse or drink much more than you”

Addiction is a very personal issue therefore we do not compare one residents drinking to another persons.

“You can return to controlled drinking after you leave the SASS Rehab”

Residential rehab is aimed at people who have tried to drink less or control their drinking patterns prior to entering rehab. If they had been successful they would not have been offered a placement at SASS Rehab.

After Rehab

Having a positive support network to return to after Rehab improves the chances of a resident maintaining their recovery. There are certain things you can do to support the resident once they return home. Consider your own drinking behaviour - we are certainly not saying that you need to stop drinking as well, however it is important that you are aware of your drinking patterns around your loved one.

  • for a period after rehab consider whether you want to store alcohol in your home
  • think about activities that you do together that does not involve alcohol
  • if you are having an alcoholic drink, be considerate of the person in recovery
  • talk about it with your loved one, ask them how they feel about being around alcohol, especially in the run-up to celebrations like weddings and Christmas.

Organisations that provide support for family and loved ones

Addiction is very challenging on resident’s family and loved ones. There are groups and organisations that can help you.

'Each resident will be assigned their own worker from 

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