Leaving Rehab, moving forwards to recovery

Recovery Commitment Plans

Over the last four weeks residents will develop a personal Recovery Commitment Plan where they will draw up a plan of activities to help them transition from Rehab to Community Recovery. Along with starting to access recovery support in their community, this may include the opportunity to stay off the premises for a night, subject to agreement that this will support their recovery and a satisfactory risk assessment. We also encourage occasional family visits to enable residents to rebuild relationships with family and friends who can act as their essential support network when they leave.

Aftercare and Recovery Support

At the end of their rehab programme residents will have met with our Peer Recovery Support Worker to plan for the period after rehab. This will include: 

  • Warrior Down – if a lapse occurs we will support ex-residents to try to prevent this becoming a full relapse.
  • Telephone support for all ex-residents for up to 12 weeks after their programme completion. 
  • Engagement in all ARC services or support to access peer support groups in their local area. 
  • Information for Family – handy advice for loved ones about how to support the residents returning home.

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