Staying at SASS Rehab

Entering Rehab

SASS Rehab is a very relaxed and friendly place, however there are some ground rules to ensure we are providing the best possible service our residents. On their first day all residents will receive an induction and a Resident Guide explaining the house rules to them. We ask all residents to sign up to these rules and agree to stick to the rehab’s code of conduct.

Main Ground Rules 

  • We expect attendance at all the required core programme activities. Residents must take an active part in the rehab programme and positively contribute. 
  • Residents will structure their week according to an agreed individual timetable of activities, all with a focus on their recovery.


Each day, including weekends, will start and finish with all residents being breathalysed. Anyone who blows positively in the breathalyser test will be evicted from the premises.

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