Pre-entry, preparing for Rehab


Within two weeks of a referral or enquiry, potential residents will be invited for an initial meeting at one of our rehabs where we will assess their suitability for the CBT programme and they can ask us any questions. We will make some follow-up enquiries, for example with the person’s GP, and then aim to contact the referrer / individual with a decision within 48 hours. If successful we will book a provisional move-in date based on bed availability, detox requirements and funding arrangements. Please note, we may be able to conduct the assessment meeting over Skype if required.

Pre-Entry Engagement

If for any reason the individual will need to be placed on a waiting list, we will offer the following support, to ensure they feel prepared and engaged: 

  • Encouraged to attend our recovery community activities such as drop-in and mutual aid groups. 
  • Contacted on a fortnightly basis for a telephone check-in.
  • Invited to the open day if they are able to attend alcohol free.
  • Visited and collected from detox wherever possible.

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