SASS Rehab our aim

We aim for every resident to:

  • Successfully complete our rehab programme.
  • Receive personalised support to build and develop their recovery capital during their stay and after they leave.
  • Go on to live their lives better than well.

We do this by:

  • Delivering a therapeutic programme based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model of support that will help residents manage  their addiction by changing the way they think and behave.
  • Providing a safe environment for residents to work on their recovery by operating an absolute no alcohol rule for residents, staff and visitors.
  • Tailoring each resident’s programme to their individual values and needs; guided through the residents’ personal goals identified in one-to-one care planning.
  • Ensuring a balanced staff mix through the combination of an experienced and skilled therapeutic team working alongside a peer recovery support team.
  • Enabling residents to build their social capital and enjoy sobriety through peer support, sober social activities and open, honest relationships with other residents and staff.
  • Empowering residents to take back personal responsibility through co-production and involving residents in the running of the house.
  • Supporting residents during the transitional period of rehab to the community through telephone check- ins, return visits and access to SASS alcohol recovery community.
  • Having the ultimate ambition for residents to feel ‘better than well’ through encouraging involvement in volunteering  opportunities, training, employment support and community networks.

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